Ocean acidification and ocean chemistry

The existing state of knowledge for ocean acidification is limited, and other than global datasets, there are currently no projections at the scale of the BC coast [63]. This is partly due to a lack of empirical data as model inputs. Sampling for alkalinity and dissolved organic carbon has occurred as a regular part of DFO surveys since 1992 and 1986 respectively, but the data has been fragmented and inconsistent [63]. Very little is known about the state of the nearshore waters. Ongoing efforts to model changes in ocean chemistry (nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen) will improve the overall understanding of coastal biochemical processes and nearshore acidification and hypoxia levels (K. Hunter, DFO, pers. comm. July 2017). In addition, further efforts to model changes and extremes in pH (Ianson and Monahan, in progress; [29]) will improve the understanding of projected changes in acidification and the associated impacts.

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