Knowledge Gaps and Some Ongoing Research

Adapting to climate change requires a comprehensive understanding of climate change projections and sectoral impacts in order to identify priorities, find solutions, and implement adaptation actions. Based on our literature review and discussions with researchers, we highlight some knowledge gaps and ongoing research relevant to the MaPP region and sub-regions.

This is certainly not a comprehensive review of all ongoing or planned research, and the points below are merely to provide a starting point for understanding and framing next steps for directing research on climate change projections, impacts, vulnerabilities, risk, and adaptations. Ongoing research efforts are not in the public realm, and as such it is difficult to systematically document upcoming results or new projects. Recommendations for future research are from published literature, recent government reports, and/or discussions with specific researchers, and as such there are likely more opportunities for research than are mentioned here.

A channel with dark sand on the bottom runs between two green tree filled sides. The right side is a steep slope still covered with trees. The sky is blue in the distance.
Ecstall River | Photo by Jessica Hawryshyn
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