We thank all the researchers who generously shared their time with us to offer insights on the status of climate change research and future recommendations in this area, in particular: Hussein Alidina, Stephen Ban, William Cheung, Katie Gale, Karen Hunter, Rebecca Martone, Trevor Murdock, Cathryn Clarke Murray, Tom Okey, Malin Pinsky, Gillian Vines, and Colette Wabnitz. We thank Natalie Ban for valuable advice and feedback throughout. The maps in this report were produced by Emily Goodman and Glenda Wyatt. Graphic design report layout by Gary Leung. 

This project was developed in collaboration with the Marine Plan Partnership for the North Pacific Coast (MaPP). We thank all MaPP Partners for helping to scope this work and for providing valuable feedback throughout the process.

Tides Canada – MaPP Implementation Support Project (grant #GI00128) generously provided the financial support that made this report possible.

A ridge covered with green and brown grass is in the foreground and it curves around to the left and out into the distance. on the right is the ocean. The sky is blue with white clouds.
Triangle Island, British Columbia, Canada | Photo by Joanna Smith
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